Each one of us has experienced stress, tension and trauma in our lives, but we don’t necessarily understand the impact of continuing to hold this stress in our body or how to release it effectively.

OVER TIME STRESS is compounded and can start to present as anxiety, depression, pain, illness and disease, negatively affecting our experience of life and our relationships.

At Frequency we facilitate the body’s natural ability to release negative emotions and belief systems, pain, stress and trauma as well as restoring balance and self-regulating the nervous system using a combination of techniques in a safe environment, including: Kinesiology, Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, Emmett Technique and Neuro-Gastro-Enterology.


Tension & Trauma Release Exercises




Tachyon Energy Disks


“Kinesiology has been a very enlightening treatment for me; teaching me to listen to my body and trust its processes.”
Natalie K
“I have completed six TRE sessions and through each session I experienced a sense of peace and calmness. It felt like a load of stress was lifted out of my body and my emotional mind and physical body came together in harmony. The best part was the great sleep I had after these sessions.”
Tammy W
“I benefited so much from Kinesiology and TRE, especially for my asthma!
Glynne H
“I recently attended TRE sessions with Shelley. After experiencing trauma through a difficult infertility journey and losing a child, I realise the importance of dealing with my emotions. TRE helped me to release some of this tension, allowing me to create more balance between my mind and body.”
Tammy K
“WOW! What a mind blowing, freeing experience TRE has been. I now have an effective tool I can use for the rest of my life to manage stress. The ease and impact of this treatment has been incredible.”
Natalie K
“An excellent, professional service. Shelley is kind, delightful and truly insightful. Love visiting her for a session.”
Rhonda H