Kinesiology is the science of testing muscles and movement grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology.  

Muscle testing, which is a light pressure exerted on a muscle, enables us to identify the source of an issue, various imbalances in the body’s systems, organs and muscles that may be related to stress, emotional trauma, allergies, nutrition, learning challenges, minor injuries and pain or an area of life that may be out of balance.

If the muscle locks this shows the neurological connection between the brain and the muscle is working.  If the muscle unlocks, this indicate stress, pain or an imbalance in the body at some level. Further muscle testing indicates the priority corrections required.

Kinesiology can identify and balance the source of:

Self-worth issues, repetitive negative belief systems, behaviours, fears and phobias | Diffuses self-sabotage programs | Improves learning challenges | Facilitates lymphatic drainage | Reduces physical aches and pains | Assists with vascular supply to muscles and organs | Establishes food sensitivities, nutritional excess or deficiencies | Balances the energy of the meridian system and chakras | Assists with achieving various goals.

1-hour session

Rate: R450

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