Tension & Trauma Release

Exercises (TRE®)

“When our sympathetic nervous system or Fight or Flight response is activated by a stressful event, our blood pressure and heart rate increase, our muscles get ready to fight or run away from the perceived danger and our body is flooded with stress hormones to help us survive. However, modern society seldom allows us to run away or fight, so we hold that tension and trauma inside our bodies.

TRE® includes a simple set of movements that activate our body’s natural mechanism to tremor which releases deep muscular tension and fascia (connective tissue) found throughout our body.  It interrupts old neurological and physiological patterns created in our brain and body due to past tension, trauma and injury, by releasing the charge of what happened. The muscles become less contracted sending a message to the brain indicating that the threat is reduced resulting in fewer stress hormones being released allowing the overactive state of the sympathetic nervous system to restore to a state of calm and balance. 

Benefits can include:

Immediate relaxation | Improved sleep | Reduces stress related headaches and      migraines | Reduces symptoms of anxiety & PTSD | Resolves anger issues and reactiveness |Increases               emotional resiliency | Reduces chronic pain, especially back and neck | Reduces pain and stiffness       related    to operations and old injuries | Assists with the tendency to ‘space out’ or ‘go blank’ under        stress | Assists with avoidance habits i.e. being fearful of certain activities or places due to negative past              experiences as well as unhealthy habits of self-soothing and self-medication i.e. emotional eating, using     drugs or alcohol | Provides a sense of peace and calm | Increases energy, physical endurance and                   flexibility | Improves relationships and decreases symptoms of vicarious trauma.

1-hour session
A minimum of 4 – 6 sessions”

Rate: R450